Ep 02: Midwife Karen DeCocker- Part II

Midwife Karen DeCocker, interviewed for Working Birth, a podcast + portrait project

Midwife Karen DeCocker photographed at home in South Bend, IN.

In this episode Jillian continues her conversation with midwife Karen DeCocker, CNM, DNP, APRN, IBCLC. Karen talks about how she got into nursing & midwifery, how research changed her life, her work with some amazing human milk researchers, two big changes in women’s health care since she started her career, and why women are getting angry about not knowing their options. Jillian shares about the time she observed a c-section.

Also discussed: evidence-based, low intervention birth in a hospital setting, Karen’s work in a small, rural community hospital, urgent vs emergent c-sections, and problems with distribution of information to moms, particularly to those of low socio-economic status. Download on iTunes or Stitcher to listen on the go, or listen below!

Shownotes and links:

The risks of not breastfeeding.

Rush Mother’s Milk Club, an evidence-based hospital lactation program, treats mother’s milk as medicine.

I didn’t realize that Pap smears are no longer required every year. Did you? They’re also not recommended for women who are under 21, even if they’re sexually active.

Self breast exams don’t lead to better outcomes, and in fact do more harm than good. Didn’t realize this was the case either. Now I don’t have to feel guilty for never doing them…

Karen’s biggest professional influence- Janet Engstrom, PhD, RN, CNM, WHNP, researcher of human milk.

Paula Meier, PhD, RN, FAAN

Frontier midwifery school

Ina May Gaskin is the only midwife with an obstetrical maneuver named after her.

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Ep 01: Midwife Karen DeCocker- Part I

Midwife Karen DeCocker on the Working Birth podcast

Midwife Karen DeCocker, CNM, DNP, APRN, IBCLC photographed at home in South Bend, IN.

In this episode, Karen discusses the midwifery model of care, the importance of evidence based practice for birth, her research on lactation, and her experiences working with various communities. Part one of two. Download on iTunes or Stitcher to listen on the go, or listen below!

Shownotes and links:

In only one generation of mothers, the c-section rate has gone up by 500%.

Maternal mortality in the U.S. is the highest of all developed nations, and is on par with Afghanistan.

Dr. Marsden Wagner

Midwives in the U.S. only attend 8% of all births right now.

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Welcome to Working Birth!

Hello everyone! Jillian here. I’m so excited to begin this project! I’ll be bringing you interviews with some amazing women in the birth community. Working Birth is a podcast + portrait project that highlights the work of birth professionals. I’ll be speaking with midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, activists, chiropractors, childbirth educators, OBGYNs, and others who work within the birth community.

My aim is to bring the work these women do into focus. With each interview, I’m doing a documentary-style portrait of the woman. You can listen to each episode here on our site, on iTunes, or on Stitcher Radio. You can see each portrait here on our site or on Instagram @workingbirth.

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