Ep 11: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Trish Hanning

IBCLC Trish Hanning of Sweet Songs Breastfeeding, Tampa on the Working Birth podcast

Trish Hanning, RN, IBCLC photographed at her office in Tampa, FL.

Lactation consultant Trish Hanning, RN, IBCLC discusses helping moms and babies in the NICU to achieve their breastfeeding goals. Working as a lactation consultant in both a hospital and private practice setting, she talks about her experience working with preterm babies, the biggest challenges for pumping and nursing in the NICU, breastfeeding after a c-section, tongue ties, and how she explains the benefits of breastfeeding to moms. Download on iTunes or Stitcher to listen on the go, or listen below!

What are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants?

Trish works with Mary Unangst, IBCLC, at Sweet Songs Breastfeeding who was interviewed in episode 7.

Breastmilk is like medicine for babies in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).

A great resource list for tongue ties (ankyloglossia).

Breastmilk is important for the gut health of infants.

You can connect with Trish on her website or Facebook.

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Ep 10: Midwife Jessica Brumley

Jessica Brumley, Director of Midwifery at USF Health for Working Birth podcast

Midwife Jessica Brumley, CNM, PhD, Director of Midwifery Services at USF Health, photographed in Tampa, FL.

Midwife Jessica Brumley, CNM, PhD, discusses practicing midwifery in a hospital setting and working collaboratively with OBGYNs for an integrated model of care. She talks about how she first came to hear about midwives, what spoke to her about the profession, and how the births of her own children influenced how she practices. Jessica also discusses her research on racism being a stressor during pregnancy, issues of health disparity and how they effect minorities in the US, and being a part of the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) Diversification and Inclusion Task Force. Download on iTunes or Stitcher to listen on the go, or listen below!

Show notes and links:

Jessica is the Director of Midwifery at University of South Florida Health

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) Diversification and Inclusion Task Force.

You can connect with Jessica on the USF Midwifery website and Facebook.

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Full circle

Something fun: I borrowed my mom’s old copy of Suzanne Arms’ Immaculate Deception II in preparation for Suzanne’s #workingbirth episode.

Suzanne first released Immaculate Deception in 1975, and then Immaculate Deception II almost 20 years later in 1994. My mom Maureen, who used to be a Bradley Method teacher, met her at a conference that year and Suzanne inscribed the book:

 To Maureen and all the Bradley moms & dads,

With love and hope



I was just a little kid then. Fast forward to just over 20 years later, and here I am sitting down with Suzanne Arms for an interview, learning about the work she’s done from this 20 year old book of my mom’s. Full circle! Life is funny like that.

Suzanne Arms Immaculate Deception book on Working Birth podcast

Also fun: seeing the names of all the women that checked out the book from my mom’s lending library over the years. Pretty neat 🙂

Suzanne Arms Immaculate Deception book on Working Birth podcast

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Ep 09: Author & Activist Suzanne Arms

Author and birth movement activist Suzanne Arms on the Working Birth podcast

Author, activist, and practical visionary Suzanne Arms photographed at The Red Tent Collective in Dunedin, FL.

Suzanne Arms is an author, activist, practical visionary, photojournalist, filmmaker, speaker, teacher, and founder of the Colorado-based nonprofit, Birthing The Future. Often called a grandmother of the birth movement, Suzanne has been active in the birth community since the 1970’s when her book Immaculate Deception was named a New York Times Best Book of the Year. She shares how knowing her own birth story, as well as her mother’s and grandmother’s, has impacted her life and work. Suzanne also delves into a range of issues surrounding birth and the mother-baby unit, including: the culture of fear surrounding childbirth, cellular memory, epigenetics, the safety of drugs used in labor, the primal period, the importance of conception, feminism, politics, patriarchy, attachment, the sensitivity of boys, and how a peaceful birth and peaceful childhood can impact the world. Download on iTunes or Stitcher to listen on the go, or listen below!

Show notes and links:

Immaculate Deception and Immaculate Deception II (check out midwife Peggy Vincent’s review, the top one on the Immaculate Deception II Amazon page!)

Articles on cellular memory and the field of epigenetics as it relates to prenatal and perinatal psychology.

Doris Haire, activist and one of the founders of the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA). Her seminal work The Cultural Warping of Childbirth (1972) seems to be available only on online library catalogs.

Industrial chemicals and pollutants found in the cord blood of newborns- a 2005 study and 2009 study by the Environmental Working Group

The BirthKeeper movement

The primal period/primal continuum

Jeannine Parvati Baker and her book Conscious Conception

You can read more about Suzanne’s prolific work in the birth community on her website, Birthing the Future, and connect with her on her Facebook page.

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Ep 08: Midwife Vikki Bennett

Midwife Vikki Bennett for the Working Birth podcast

Midwife Vikki Bennett, ARNP, CNM, photographed at the Natural Birth & Baby Expo in Tampa, FL.

Midwife Vikki Bennett, ARNP, CNM, and Clinical Director of a birth center, discusses her journey from nursing to midwifery & working in women’s health. Vikki shares the heartbreaking challenges of working with pregnant women and newborns in Port-au-Prince, Haiti just after the massive earthquake hit in 2010. She also speaks about her frustration with the maternity care system in the U.S. and being part of the solution by practicing the midwifery model of care in a birth center setting. Plus, I learn why midwives are moving towards using the term “community based birth” instead of “out of hospital birth.” Download on iTunes or Stitcher to listen on the go, or listen below!

Show notes and links:

Vikki received her masters at Frontier Nursing University.

Breath of Life Women’s Health & Birth Center

The midwifery model of care.

American Association of Birth Centers

You can connect with Vikki on Breath of Life’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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