Listen to the show on your phone:

podcast listening apps  iPhone users: Go to the Podcasts app (a built-in app that Apple puts on your phone) or download it from the App Store. Go to the Search button on the far right to search “working birth.” You’ll see our show pop up! Click on the icon and download individual episodes. Also click the Subscribe button so that when new shows are released, they’ll automatically be on your phone and ready for you to listen. Please leave us a review if you can- it will help our ratings so that more people will find out about the show! iPhone users can also find us on the Stitcher Radio app.

StitcherIcon Android users: The show is available on Stitcher. Download the Stitcher Radio app!


Listen to the show on your computer:

You can listen to each episode here on our website. Each episode has a blog post with the audio, the birth worker’s portrait, and shownotes. You can also listen to the show on iTunes on your desktop- just search Working Birth in the iTunes store.

Confused? What is a podcast, anyway?

A podcast is an audio show, similar to a radio show, except it’s not broadcast over the radio. According to Wikipedia, a podcast is “a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.”

Our favorite way to listen to podcasts is on our phone. That way, we can listen while driving (if you have Bluetooth in your car, it will come right over the speakers!), making dinner, working out, or doing stuff around the house.